Below are the names of those we have lost to the opioid poisoning crisis and to poor drug policies. Every life is worth saving. Every life is worth honouring.

Pat L.

They either loved you or hated you but most couldn’t resist that funny charming personality. luv ya.


I miss you everyday man, no more pain!!

Luc H.

Always in our memory, greatly missed by our family, gone much too soon.

Michael M.

You are forever loved and missed lil bro. You were taken from us way too soon!


I think of what you would be doing, who you would be, and what we could do together.

Trilaine, Mike, Filippo

3 beautiful people who never quit trying. Miss you all.

Joe R.

We miss you and love you Joe. Hope you are having dance offs with Tyler and watching over us. RIP.

Leon L.

Forever in my heart.


Remembered with love and missed everyday.

Benjamin T.

You were one in a million, you would give your last of anything to make sure everyone else was happy.


Miss her smile, the love she had for all especially her family. Love this beautiful woman.


We miss you.


You deserved better.


sending love+light+peace to you and your family.


R.I.P love and miss you Goddess. TyTy.



You are still loved & missed.


Your being missed by so many family and friends that we still cry, mourn, and grieve. Love you.

Mitch M.

We still think about you often.

Mike C.

Most genuine, caring soul… gone too soon.


The most amazing caring loving Father in the world . Love you Forever and a Day.

Tyler F.

We miss you and love you Ty! Hope you’re singing and dancing up in heaven and are no longer in pain.

Gary, Joe, Tyler

We miss you. 3 beautiful souls taken too soon. I started my sobriety journey in honour of you 3.

Bill Jr. H.

Missing you everyday brother! The pain never goes away.

Leigh-Anne F.

My beautiful Cousin, Never Forgotten, Always cherished.


The happiest soul always making sure everyone is happy whatever you’re going through.


Miss this beautiful woman. You are loved by all who knew you. Until we meet again.

Joe N.

We miss you every day!!! Love you!! Xoxo


Miss you everyday never forgotten.


Wherever you are I know your with me.


You will be missed.


Rest in Peace.

Pat L.

Forever loved and greatly missed


We all miss your vibrant personality. The world is more dull without you.

Jessica M.

Gone to soon and missed by so many.

Chris R.

You are thought of often and missed even more. Peace be with you.

Dylan C.

You did your best to be a good dad, and you were loved by so many people. Rest in peace xx

Jeff B.

So much time has passed but never forgotten.

Brian M.

Just shy of 2 years. I miss you my son with every beat of my heart. Til we meet again. 2 the moon and back.


Forever 27, we feel your love and strength surrounding us, we love you immensely <3.

Brock M.

Not a day goes by that we are not feeling the gigantic hole your passing created in our hearts.


Forever 18… Always with MJR!

Ryan S.

May 2.22. Loved by all who knew him, missed every damn day.


Loved more than you ever knew and missed more than you’ll ever know.


many more,I love and miss you so much.


my son I miss you more and more everyday. Mom.


For grief counselling services, please see the following:

Family Services Windsor-Essex: 519-966-5010
Canadian Mental Health Association: 519-257-5111 etc. 72621
Julien’s House: 519-945-2273

Chatham-Kent Hospice: 519-354-3113
Family Services Chatham-Kent: 519-354-6221
Canadian Mental Health Association: 519-436-6100

In Memoriam

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