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  • First office space 3178 Walker Rd
  • First 5 temporary staff in March
  • Incorporation comes through and first board of directors elected. First Chairman is Wayne Tennant
  • The creation of the first support group entitled “Positively Healthy Support Group.” Headed my Karuna Kistler
  • October 11-17th First AIDS Awareness week. Was declared by the city
    • It included workshops and public forums. One was done at St. Clair, and one was done at Walkerville high school on teaching AIDS in schools. It was a very small turn out. Very few educators attended.
    • Kevin Brown is the first Windsorite to come out publicly about having AIDS. He does not live in Windsor but came home to visit family. He dies in 1989.
  • Volunteers were putting in 114 Hours a month
  • Over 10 000 calls have been received on the 256 AIDS info line.
  • First Newsletter
  • The first AIDS Candlelight Vigil is done inside because of rain.
  • 88 people had tested HIV positive
  • New logo is designed by John May
  • First public billboard
  • Bisexual Men’s Group is formed
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