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  • Installation of a 1-800 number to reach people in Lambton and Kent countes
  • Moved office to 1050 University Avenue West
  • 120 volunteers together average 900 hours of month
  • Open Phoenix House residence for people living with AIDS
  • First Joint International Protest at both sides of the Tunnel border. The protest was regarding American Immigration laws not allowing people with HIV/AIDS to cross into the United State. Canada does not have the same law but instead can turn people away for medical reasons which can include people with HIV/AIDS. AIDS Committee of Windsor and Detroit Chapter of the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power organized the protest.
  • Day Without Art first observed in Windsor at MacKenzie Hall.
  • Creation of Captain Condom
  • October 22nd. Creation of Mural in collaboration with 18 Walkerville Centre for the Creative Arts students and John Vacrastisi at the viaduct wall situated in Centennial Park at Cameron St and Riverside Drive West. It was created for part of AIDS awareness week. 3 murals were created.
  • ACW Boycotts 6th International Conference on AIDS in San Francisco because of the United States policy of not allowing people with AIDS/HIV to enter the country
  • The Caregiver’s Support Group starts
  • 63 people with AIDS. 131 People with HIV
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